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Site idea, development by Marc van Agteren (Mva), The Netherlands.
Site design of v2 and v3 by djlaser. Adjustments by Mva.
Buzzmachines logo created by Hymax. is made in PHP script with a MySql database as backend.
Thanks to Gulaf for hosting me!!! Without his help wouldn't be in PHP script.
Moved to a new and more stable server by JoaCHIP

More thanks go out to:
Oskari, for making Buzz!
All the machine developers for making the great machines!
XionD and Apo for the buzz packs.
The preset makers and Orfilinn for collecting the presets.
All the people at #buzz for giving me ideas.
All the visitors of for supporting me and contributing to the site.
All the people at #php and #phpnl for helping me out with some PHP difficulties. And ofcourse anyone I forgot...

previous designs: v4
Starting date: 9 feb 2004 v3
Starting date: 23 may 2001 v2
Starting date: 20 dec 2000 v1
Starting date: 2 sep 2000

Changelog (recorded since 1 aug 2008):

- Added a Captcha to the sign-up page, to prevent spammers signing up.

- Menu option for the new Buzz beta added to the left menu. Link refers to the review about the new Beta.

- When you put the cursor on the lastest reviews and messageboard topics, you'll see the full title now.

- Some sections have dynamic titles now to get indexed better by search engines (thanks Nool for the tip!)

- VST download link in machines.php fixed (Thanks Groovelastig for the bug report!)
- Discontinued machines can be added to from now on. You can only download them when you are logged in.

- Logout bug fixed (cookie didn't seem to go away when logging out)
- When logged in, contribute links (add preset, review, link, tip) are now orange

2008-08-01 - v4.5
- VST section opened with free VST's and paid VST's made by Buzz developers
- Frontpage adapted for VST section
- Able to add comments to someone's profile
- Comments on profile can be deleted by user who owns the profile
- Favourite VST's can now be added to your profile
- Top 25 machines based of download times and rating
- Related machine downloads added to machine overview
- Developer page specifies type of developer (Buzz / VST / both)
- Messageboard readable for everyone (posting still requires login)
- Broken machine / VST download link can be reported
- Changes are now recorded in this changelog
- Various bugfixes

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