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Where can I download Buzz?
Here at at the 'download Buzz' section.

I heard that Buzz was totally free, is this true?
Yes.... Buzz is totally free. You can download the whole program with all the plugins right here at If you like the Buzz you can always donate some money to Oskari to encourage further development.

I just installed Buzz... Where do I start?
Press F1 in Buzz to open the manual or go to and read all about it. You can also open and play some included demosongs.

I just downloaded some new machines here at How do I install them?
Unzip the generators to the \Gear\Generator directory and the effects to the \Gear\Effects directory. When the zip file has a .txt file included, read it first before installing.

I can't get my songs sound that 'professional' in Buzz as in other programs. What shall I do?
Read some articles about mixing, using effects and mastering at the review section and you will find out that Buzz can do everything!

Buzz crashes often. What shall I do?
Save often, try to find out which machine causes the crash and don't use the machine anymore. It's also highly recommended to save to a new file when adding a machine you haven't tested or a beta one, since you have the risk of not beeing able to load your song again! (i.e. nameofthesong1.bmx ..... nameofthesong8.bmx). If Buzz crashes on startup check this page for info.

I have a specific question about Buzz. Where can I ask that question?
Go to the messageboard here at and search for the topic (click on the search label and enter the keywords). If it's not there, post a message. Other knwoledge bases that are worth it to check are and Buzzfaq. You can also go to the Irc -> Efnet -> #buzz with an irc client or suscribe to Buzz-Buzz at yahoo groups.

Is there a mailinglist for Buzz?
Yes, sign-up here.

Where can I meet other Buzzers?
You can chat with other Buzzers at Irc -> Efnet -> #buzz

How do I set up Midi in Buzz?
First setup your midi-in and midi-out devices in Buzz (View -> Preferences). Some machines have a build-in midi controller. Check the attributes (Right Click) of those machines and set your midichannel. Other machines that don't have a build-in midicontroller can be controlled with the Cyanphase mC-1 machine. You can find it under effects in Buzz. Load the effect and connect the Generator with the mC-1. Don't connect the mC-1 to the master. Right-click the mC-1 for more instructions!

Does Buzz support multiple outputs?
Yes it does. If you have a soundcard that supports ASIO (eg. Midiman soundcards) you can use multiple outputs in Buzz. This way you can master your tracks on a hardware mixer!

What kind of output formats does Buzz support?
Buzz can record Wav files in 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit and as either PCM or floats, Raw Pcm or Ieee float samples in Intel ordered bytes, Ogg Vorbis, Next\Sun audio files, Monkey's Audio Format and Multitrack .wav files.

How do I record to: *.wav *.mp3, etc.?
Set up your sound output to use the overloader output extensions, and then use the extended HD recorder. Included are a bunch of useful plugins like an MP3 recorder and a 32-bit wav recorder.

Is Buzz Multi-Platform?
Buzz currently supports the entire line of 32bit Windows operating systems including Win9x, ME, WinNT, Win2000 and XP. You can also use it under Linux with a windows emulator like Wine. A tutorial to set Buzz up under Linux can be found here

So will Buzz run natively on a Mac?
No, there is no Buzz version for a Mac. Though you can run Buzz on a Mac by using Dual Boot or Virtual PC.

Does Buzz support VST & DX plugins?
Buzz can load VST instruments and Effects. It works on a lot of plugins, but some of them don't work properly. The DX effect loader is currently in Alpha Phase.

What native file Formats does Buzz Use \ Accept?
The native song file format of Buzz is .BMX. This file contains a machine layout, patterns, sequence, and all samples associated with one song. A .BMW is the same file, without the embedded samples. For Samples, Buzz accepts all standard Windows .WAV files, and for Instruments, Buzz accepts .XI multi-samples Fast Tracker Files. While the Buzz machines too could be considered media files, they all retain the generic .DLL extension. For machine presets, Buzz uses a proprietary .PRS file.

How do I install presets (*.prs)?
Check this page for instructions on how to install machine presets.

I want to develop some Buzz machines too! Where do I start?
First of all, get a copy of Visual C++ (5 or 6). Next go to the developer section here at and read the tutorials overthere carefully and check the links that are given.

Are there any famous people using Buzz?
Buzz is (exclusively?) used by James Holden. Recently Sasha (as in THE Sasha) mentioned Buzz as being a "cool freeware program," and collaborated with Mr. Holden on his track Bloodlock. The Alpha Conspiracy uses Buzz for the brunt of the work. Buzz is in movie soundtracks.

Who is behind
Marc van Agteren, (Mva). Started this site many years ago, because there was no central place where all machines for Buzz could be downloaded. Because some some big Buzz sites went down, this became the portal of Buzz.

Besides Buzz I'm into phototography. If you are interested in what kind of pictures I make, check out my personal site:

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