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Date Author Title Version

2010-5-1 synthphase Control Freak Index 3.1
For Buzz ver. 1214. Indexes most public beta machines from Buzzchurch.

2008-6-16 wayfinder wayfinder's index 0.8
My goal is to make it easier to find the right machine for what I want to do - whether I have something specific in mind or just want a good selection to choose something experimental from. I've found it's a genuine improvement over the old index that came with my buzz pack, and it's made my own workflow much faster and smoother. The index has three sections:

1) A workflow menu that structures machines in a way that makes the most commonly used machines for certain tasks available in one place, like when for when you're building your basic studio structure, or for the mixing and mastering stage, etc.

2) The "normal" machine menu, which is sorted by function

3) The favorites, which are just my most used machines that I want to keep on hand.

2004-7-9 djlaser DjLaser index 1
Includes most of the released gear sorted, using a simple branch design. Does not support the Overloader index extensions!

Last updated: July 6th 2004

2005-10-19 kooper kooper's index.txt 051020
- pretty organized :)

- easy solution for stereo wrapped machines

- separate midi wrapped machines

- helpful labels for machines (bus etc.)

- less items under submenus

- latest OL 1.5 reqired

- one of the 3 oldest indexes :)

- Separate alpha/beta machines

2006-9-3 wizenwet Control Freak Index 2.5

- Added a script that eases the use of VST wrapped Buzz machines (see readme file for details).

- Put "Mixing" style effects (spatial, eq, dynamics, etc) in easy to grab, top of the list category.


This index does not use the overloader.

2006-7-25 wayfinder wayfinder's index 0.7
Main features:

- Quick access to favourites without submenus

- Workflow menu with selected machines for the different phases of production

- Sensible structure that helps you choose your weapons

- Sleek Overloaded Design (thanks Cyanphase!)

Requirements: Overloader 1.5L7 or later.

2008-5-22 hamsteralliance Hamst3r Index 2008 v2
Updated: 21-May-2008

2004-2-13 XionD XDi Lite 0.1
Light weight index with no unsorted branch.

Always back up your old index.txt.

2004-7-31 ladproject ladproject indexp 29.07.2004
last version of my index.txt. see info.txt inside for more news.

2004-7-31 XionD XionD Index Pack v3.2
UPDATED: 01-Aug-2004

Cyanphase Overloader 1.5m required.

Re-organised and refined, new machines added.


This is an extremely functional and streamlined index. It lists the more practicle & stable machines but also lists some beta's such as "unwieldy tracker".


The Buzz index has been refined in several ways. It lists only machines released at buzzmachines except for a few that, although not released at buzzmachines, are released elsewhere on the net legaly.


The same as Buzz-index.txt except that it lists every machine I could find in existence, wether they are Alpha/Beta or never to be released.

Always make sure to back up any files you intend to overwrite

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