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BUZZ File Mirror
File mirror for everything around BUZZ. Always trying to sync our database with Buzzmachines to stay up2date!

RobotPlanet - Joachims website
The audio/music related part of the website of machine developer "Joachim".
Homepage of the creator of buzz, Oskari...

Cyanphase 2004 Buzz Developer Archive
Contains a ton of information about buzz development, including sample code, ideas, tips, etc - a must see !

Official Online Buzz Manual
New Buzz users should go here first. Includes all the basic information and tips, properly arranged.

Old BuzzFAQ - until 2002
some good help, but old.

An Open Source, Linux version of Buzz (in very early state)!

Polac VST Online Manual
Polac VST/VSTi Loader for buzz - online help manual - the best buzzmachine ever !

2005 BuzzMachine Manuals Online
Having trouble sorting through the hundreds of buzzmachines ? This is a good place to start, sponsored by THA's index.txt ... this will help in learning buzzmachines via available manuals in a simple format

2005 Reviews Sorted has been around for a while, there are over 1000 reviews, take the time to learn a bit about buzz via the sorted reviews

BTDSys has made several supreme improvements to buzz, including the peermachine concept which enhances buzz's capabilities (with peerlib source)

Buzz FAQ/FAT (frequently asked topics) 2004
Dive in and learn all those great buzz quirks, there are many things to check out here - 35 web pages of buzz information !

2005 Forums Sorted Message Board sorted, sometimes the search function just isn't enough, here you will find hundreds of answers to commonly asked questions on our glorious message board :)

Ekral Buzz Indexes Collector
Different index(es).txt on one place. You can upload your own index.

Buzz Church
A serious new messageboard for serious buzzers. seriously.

HighC draw your music
According to a Buzz fan who led here: "It [HighC] goes hand in hand with my favorite (free) modular tracker/sequencer called Jeskola Buzz, where I spend much of my free time. The fun part comes when you take the highC parts and cut them up, re-arrange and add fx on them." Just thought it could interest other Buzzers

Buzz Manual
This is a nice link to PORTUGUESE Buzz users. This manual is very well translated.

Quick and short introduction for BUZZ in german. You will find the Quick Guide under the point "Synthetic"--> "BUZZ Soundmachine".

Buzz 101: Basics
A 12 min. video tutorial on how to use the basic things in Buzz. Thanks HamsterAlliance.

Les Ley aka Funky Junkie Official Homepage
Techno dj, producer, promoter and label owner from Amsterdam Les Ley aka Funky Junkie Official Homepage

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