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Digital Filters, An Introduction
A nice, well written intro to DSP and digital filters, but not much on filter design itself

The Digitar (karplus-strong)
A method for generating plucked string sounds. Careful, as this is protected by some patents.

Julius Smith at CCRMA
This guy has written stacks of stuff. Check out the publications section. A lot of physical modelling stuff here

The MusicDSP source code archive
Tons of source code, formulae and tips from the contributors of the MusicDSP mailing list.

The home of cheapo plugins.

Cyanphase 2004 Buzz Developer Archive
Contains a ton of information about buzz development, including sample code, ideas, tips, etc - a must see !

This is an updated version of the good old bmformat.txt containing information about the pattern format, how to load the master and other useful information for people trying to create their own BMX loader.

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