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13th Floor
13th Floor is a productionhouse. Music made with Buzz is found there, worked out in projects by some artists of 13th Floor.

French Buzzer - Enjoy!

Nerdcore rap with subjects based on computers and videogames. Background tracks are written in Buzz, and vocal recordings are made in Garageband.
Collaborate with others, exchange .bmx files, .wav files, samples or search for people with a specific talent. You can also promote your own music for free in good quality (mp3 files are not even re-encoded!)

Cid Inc + Tom Level
Two amazing buzz house producers

Solid Buzz producer.

Nool's Buzz BMX MP3 Home 2000-2004
Here you will find wav samples, mp3s, bmx's, etc that deal with ONLY BUZZ from over the 8 years i've used trackers, 5 years in buzz

C. Bass T.N.
Homepage of C. Bass T.N.,a german electronical musician working with BUZZ. Here you can find trance, house, chillout and other stuff.

mute's (buzz veteran, musician) current website. live info, music done w/ buzz, etc.

fabio stein
Hi Quality Trance/Dance Type music created with buzz !
helpful site, all kinds of good stuff !
Free mp3s by fun-loving jack. hard techno/hip-hop/big-beats Nothing useful at all unless you happen to like the songs.

Secret Agent Gel
IDM-style drum-n-bass and downtempo by Secret Agent Gel made in buzz.

XionD Makes Noise
My tunes SUK! and thats why you should download them :)

jacEs music
jacE307, producer from eastern germany, want?s the buzz community for tips and critical letters:) check it!

Binary Baby
Trance, techno, ambient, experinental, trip-hop, drum-n-bass, loads of interesting choons made with BUZZ, in MP3 and OGG format... Also a few old IT tracks made with Impulse Tracker!

Cool buzz material !

Ladproject's Dimension
THE SECOND DATABASE OF BUZZ SONGS..! yez, after the Scene United, my site is the 2nd database with bmx files, samples packs, drumkits, music utilities, news and all you need to make music with your PC..! weekly updated..!

jacobino discos
Net label from Chile/South America. We run from Noise aspects, to songwriter/electronic musician. Free music and video download. Meanwhile only on spanish.

{ warped }
All background music was made in buzz.. listen & chill out!


ImiAFan is playing minimal electronics in Buzz. His first 12" is OUT NOW!

The Funky Forces HQ
Official Webpage of funky forces, a german drum and bass/electro crew. Music, Art, Events...

The Hamster Alliance
Professional music productions created with Buzz Tracker. THA has done music for film, commercial, video games and more.

Timbrimi Logic
Trance & Ambient music written with buzz tracker. Respect to David Brien's for Timbrimi (Tymbrimi) race. I like timbrimi's mentality ;)

site of works of one e-artist . . . music,graphic,photos,programs . . . music:IDM,Ambient,DarkAmbient,Newage,Downbeat,experimental . . . photos:Portraits,Nature,Industrial Landscapes . . . programs:demos,games,tools . . .

::music by tonfang:: experimental tensing music with smooth rythms and fine dramatic structures - created with buzz. have a pleasent stay.

Official Scoofy Homepage
Goa/Psychedelic trance made using Buzz. Plus: plugins, docs on mastering

i am concierge_weetr the drums&bass of "accoustic guitars" are made with buzz. enjoy

cervello elettronico
Some nice Music made with Buzz !

Introspective Journeys
A variety of progressive electronica and rock based techno. This ranges anywhere from harsh EBM and Industrial to Chemical Beat to Melodic Trance. Always innovative and interesting to listen to... even if you don't dance to it.

H3 Music Project, Munich
HotKey's Buzz Live Act Group - Best of Electronics: Trance, Progressive, Schranz Publishing online and Performing live in Munich with Buzz since 1998.

Nice stuff check it out !

Dj Nik m
Dj Nik M

Javier Sanchez
House artist using buzz from the netherlands

M.A.S. Productions
Home page of ambient producer and abstract artists M.A.S. M.A.S. Productions is a multi sensual project focusing on various forms of music and art interfacing with the listener

Some-E's music on his website
Some Buzz music and some other music. Perhaps.

MatthijsB @

Repeatle is Andreas Tillander and uses buzz :)

Reitz Machine
music made with buzz to invigorate and stimulate - at least making it does :)

yoJieCk musiCk
An electronic musician from ukraine. IDM, indietronica, cinematic DnB

Lykwyd Chykyn
Nice, down-tempo electronica music done mostly on buzz, plus a selection of FREE drum loops for download.

German music project using buzz only. Electro / DnB / detroit / techno / ambient.

dfevolution Trance 2005
Sites with finnish language..Page isn't ready yet..

stevo reesimo
experimental / trance using buzz

Ykk2 @
Japanese Techno Artist using Buzz
The homepage of long time buzz user scottyp (aka pyroscott). Includes bio, production tips, and mp3's.

Malfunction page on soundclick
Industrial music composed in buzz.

bad comfort
electronic music, whatever

Phrozenlight's Spacemission
electronic space music made by Phrozenlight

Bad Loop
Isn't not really a bad loop :)

Russian Electronic Music

strefa - neonique
music made only on freeware soft mostly on Buzz but also on Tuareg And Hammerhead; muzyka wyoknana tylko na darmowym oprogramowaniu gl?wnie w Buzz`ie ale rowniez w Tuaregu i Hammerheadzie;

Teh Bignic's Site
Been using a buzz a long time now .... does alot of mixing/hybrid type stuff...check it !

Alpha Conspiracy
Commercial artist using Buzz

Border Community - James Holden
Another 'pro' buzz user
Rhythmic experimental & abstract ambient music, primarily made using buzz.

PMD Project Music
Cool techno/trance music for you !!!

electronic/experimental music...

Towarzystwo Elektryczne
My music made mainly on Buzz!

Led's homepage
Tunes made in buzz...

Hotel Sinus
2 Mans Band working in buzz! The site is under construction. But 2 week the site is ready! you can download one mp3 song now. later see all

The very noisy diary
A kind of buzz sketchbook with lots of half finished, going-nowhere bits and bobs.

DioCoN @
eltronic, industrial, rock, ambient noise....... hey, please check out some of my music and if inclined leave me feedback, thx mostly unfinished songs, all tracked in buzz which i've been using for about five...maybe six years now

Searchmpthree: Dj Ubos Section
Tribal and Progressive House made with Buzz, only Buzzmachines!!!. Dark, hypnotyk and very progressive music for Buzzers from all around the world.
i am the only one who likes my music. does that stop me from telling you to download it? obviously not! often clicking, sometimes poppy loops and/or live improv. rarely a complete track

Djlaser's Buzz page
Dj Laser has with buzz since the early years - electronic music production & dj
Site of the German newcoming producer and dj Timo Benz. Producing since 1999. Upcoming the first releases this year!!!!

.pt musician mostly doing dark ambient, always with buzz.

Mostly DnB in different styles, dark jazzy, chilled or sexy ;)with exotic and evil melodies.

da 'fingers crib
greenfinger exposes himself !(musicaly)

technic mind
this is my site whith my music.i created music only on Buzz.enjoy

Julien Thomas (Myspace music page)
welcome onto Myspace page ! all tracks you can ear here are made with Buzz. good listening, add your comments ;)

Strial official website
Techno producer that uses Buzz tracker. Buzz can produce professionnal sound !!!

Ali_Bla_Bla Productions
Original electronic music created by a very good visual artist! A new design website so the url change for this one.

qwerty/dr richard face
music and puppets controlled by buzz

Film Music Composer using Buzz
MP3s, industry links and more information of Buzz-user film composer and sound designer David Beard.

Sky Slideshow
Slideshow with pictures of the sky and music created with buzz.The music is a good example of "unusual" things one can do with buzz.Java Script must be enabled to hear the sound.

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