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Type:  Mixer (Effect)
Input / Output:
Requires:Buzz build 1462 or higher

Machine Description:
MIXIO 1.3 (by Antonio)

Version History
1.3: Bugfixes for Groove / X^3 Mode
1.2: Added GUI
1.1: Bugfixes

What is it ?
It's a simple mixer that makes use of the new multi io in new buzz.
It does gain, pan and has (multiple) solos and mute.
All parameters have an individual inertia setting.
All the core parts of the mixing engine are written in SSE2.
Panning formulas courtesy of Joachim PowerPan.

I don't see any multi io inputs / outputs !?
You have to make a pattern for mixio and add tracks.
Track 0 is always MASTER. Track 1 would be input1 / output1.
All Output from Tracks 1-31 gets mixed into Output 0 (MASTER).
You can add up to 32 tracks to use with multi io.
You should probably disable curved wires, because buzz
currently shows all inputs outputs on top of each other if its on.
As of Buzz Build 1421, mixIO always shows the Multi-IO plugs
thanks to MIF_ALWAYS_SHOW_PLUGS, previous builds only show them
after you added more tracks to the machine and disconnect / reconnect
machines to mixIO.

What about the THRU channels ?
The THRU channels simply output the input, unaltered.
Parameters have no effect on these outputs.

Are there keyboard shortcuts ?
CTRL: Hold CTRL while adjusting value to fine tune
KEY-UP/DOWN: Adjust Value + or - (works on all controls)
KEY-LEFT/RIGHT: Switch to the next Gain Slider (if one is selected).
0: Mute Master
SHIFT+0: Solo Master
1,2,3,4,5...9 Mute Channel 1 to 9
SHIFT+1,2...9 Solo Channel 1 to 9

What about Groove / Modulating the BPM ?
Due to the nature of how mixio precalculates fades, the fade time will
not be exactly the tick value you set in the inertia if you use groove.
Imagine if you would modulate the master bpm (comparable to setting groove).
What happens is that each tick has a different length, instead of a fixed length.
What mixio does is pre-calculate the fade time on the tick it is started at,
with the length of that tick at that time.Say you modulate master bpm like this:
128,120,128,120,128,120 etc.
If you now tell mixio to fade to 0db in 4 ticks on a tick where bpm is 128,
the fade time will be 4*128. But if you set it on a tick where bpm is 120,
it will be 4*120. What i'm trying to say is essentially:
If you use groove, adjust the intertia value by ear and not by numbers.

It doesn't work at all!
Try depends.exe on the dll
to see if you lack some dependancys. Make sure your CPU has SSE2.
Also, it won't work in old buzz at all.

Special thanks goes out to joachim, mtronic, zephod, mute, elekt, oskari
and the many other buzzers out there helping with and testing this machine.

MixIO is donationware, if you like it and want to help me out,
please listen (and/or buy) one of my tracks at :)
You are allowed to distribute the machine free of charge.
I am not responsible for anything (good or bad) that happens while using this machine.

Release date:2012-10-21 [yyyy-mm-dd]
Nr. of Downloads:672
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