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New section at Themes by mva
We made a new section for themes. The section holds themes for the new Buzz and old Buzz. Logged in users can add their own made themes at the add Buzz theme section. Special thanks to sixafterseven and mute for testing the themes section and filling it up with themes. If you made a theme, please feel free to add it!
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peacemaker: Hooooray! 2010-11-21

aka: Yo, happy to see some progress on this buzz portal.
Keep on the good work.


magmavander: Again a very good and useful work from you all :) Thanks!! 2010-09-17

sixafterseven: Thanks MVA, This is sure to be awesome as the development of buzz allows for new theme features.

Again the thanks really goes to you. It is great to see a user request become an actual feature of this legendary site!

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