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Merry X-mas, buzzers! by joachim
And a happy new year. To celebrate, Ive released a gapper plug-in called "Chopper". Enjoy the military style help file, and happy gapping.
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joachim: I fixed the weird bug where it would suddenly turn really loud. 2011-01-31

peacemaker: @Joachim: Thank you very much! This is a powerful secret weapon to recycle beats! 2011-01-07

Joachim: Peacemaker: Try re-downloading now. I recompiled it without SSE2, and I couldn't measure any speed difference. Also, now the attributes work! 2011-01-01

Joachim: Yes, it uses SSE2.
Btw. I have a weird problem on my 6 year old computer (which does have SSE2 btw.): I can't get to the attributes. Does anyone else see this?

Buzztler: @ all buzzers: same as flos has written here ;) and a happy new year 2011 to all of you ...
@ peacemaker: to shovel snow is still not my favorite hobby ;D

peacemaker: Sigh.... chopper crashes here... does it use SSE2 instructions? 2010-12-29

peacemaker: Happy new year to all of ya'! We really enjoyed a white christmas this year in Germany! 2010-12-28

flos: Merry everything to everyone! (still in love with this site) 2010-12-26

tinga: Happy new BUZZ everybody! thx Joachim for this new weapon called "Chopper" 2010-12-26

KiNK: Merry Christmas! thanx for the nice gift:) 2010-12-25

magmavander: Joyeux Noel to all buzzers around the world :) 2010-12-25

sparschaeler: Merry xmas everybody! 2010-12-24

evelon: Merry Christmas, Joachim! 2010-12-24

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