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Update to Venus stereo spreader machine by Joachim
I've had various complaints over this machine being a bit slow, so I tried compiling it using SSE2 instructions and Visual Studio 2010. This doubled the performance of my test-bmx file. With SSE2 being 8 years old, I think it's acceptable to use it. Non SSE-users can stick to version 1.3, which has the same parameters. The machine is fully backwards compatible with existing songs.
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Joachim: Marcelo: Maybe your CPU doesn't support SSE2. Also, I think we should create a message board post for this instead. There you can tell me what CPU and operating system you have, and what Buzz version you're using. 2011-12-26

marcelo.pujol: Hi... buzz crashes when i charge this machine,,,suggestions? 2011-11-30

Buzztler: It works very well on a Pentium 1.6 GHz machine too ... nice effect ... buzz needs more active machine developers like you ...! 2011-09-29

joachim: The same goes for Hyperion. It got faster with the new compiler and when enabling SSE2. 2011-09-17

aka: WoW, i am so happy that there is still some progress in Buzz-Scene.
Thx and keep it on.

magmavander: A super great machine I began to discover fully :) Thanks!! 2011-09-12

evelon: Sweet!
Tak, Joachim!

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Update to Venus stereo spreader machine - Buzz news