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Antonio's mixIO now updated to 1.2, and more... by Joachim
We're proud to announce an update to this modern multiIO capable mixer by developer and musician Antonio Mazzitelli. Get it before your neighbour. Also, mantratronic has made a useful cross fade machine for you DJs out there. It's also handy when wanting to compare two signals or making ambient landscapes. Finally don't miss out on Bigyo's quality EQs - now available in various flavors including graphics.
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thOke: I love news and updates :)) ... thanks to all 2012-09-18

magmavander: It's christmas ? Wow, it comes really early this year :-D
More seriously, thanks to these coders, this is a bunch of GREAT machines (I still use a lot the BIGYO eq machines).

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Antonio's mixIO now updated to 1.2, and more... - Buzz news