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2012-12-05 Electronics__Resources  Everdon

2009-11-26 using BTDSys PeerADSR as autofade  x_dynamics

2009-04-06 Rate presets  dnafrequency

2009-02-05 Audiomind - Magion  nedarec

2009-01-17 WORKAROUND for buggy parameter windows  sixafterseven

2009-01-17 Buzz Message Board Sorted by Nool (fixed)  hamsteralliance

2008-09-23 New Buzz beta highlighted  mva

2008-07-26 Add All Midi Controllers  thOke

2008-06-29 Part 2: Going live with buzz  groovelastig

2008-06-29 Part 1: Going live with buzz  groovelastig

2006-02-12 Jacinth M4 Waves  Xenobioz

2005-12-06 Compressed Delay  wurm

2005-10-14 How to use ZWAR?s 11-Parrot  usmxl5

2005-09-17 Distortion effects review  cixx.j

2005-08-22 steam strain  library

2005-06-22 Buzzhelp Part2- MessageBoard - Forum Sorted June 2005 and Other Useful BuzzLinks  noolout

2005-06-22 Buzzhelp Part1- MessageBoard - Forum Sorted June 2005 and Other Useful BuzzLinks  noolout

2005-01-30 Ld Mixer skin - aux buttons fixed  Paul Eye

2005-01-21 Live Jump Preset  tonfang

2005-01-14 Messageboard sorted - Help  noolout

2005-01-12 Harddisk Recording Template  tonfang

2005-01-04 251 oups  tinga

2004-12-15 Polac VST/DX Adapter and templates  S(S)

2004-12-02 peer trigger & scratches with noise  KiNK

2004-11-18 Rymix Kyrie Pads  noolout

2004-11-18  buzzmusic2

2004-11-09 Micro tuning  tinga

2004-10-25 The Best of THC  wayfinder

2004-10-01  buzzmusic2

2004-08-31 DnB CryptoBaSS v0.2  DJFlamethrower

2004-08-29 3/4 and 4/4 in 3/4  mute

2004-07-26 BuzzRadio v2  noolout

2004-07-23 PeerADSR and the Age of Enlightenment  bignic

2004-07-22 a skin  Ze_tetha

2004-06-15 no review only .col file  valen

2004-06-13 Trigger on silence - inverse trigger using BGGate  ohm

2004-06-04 PyBuzz music calculator  dysphuncktional

2004-06-02 supersaw demo  quartz76

2004-05-15 noise recovered  KiNK

2004-04-11 Odd time signatures and step values.  XionD

2004-04-08 DNB growl template  hotelsinus

2004-04-07 v8 engine sound  hotelsinus

2004-03-30 Rave & Rhythm  Spiritcatcher

2004-03-25 batch redux (pybuzz)  mute

2004-03-25 batch create drum kits  mute

2004-03-23 Explosive Distorted synth  joseph

2004-03-21 808 drum setup with lots of patterns  joseph

2004-03-16 Bpm To Seconds  inductive

2004-03-12 a challenge ..  mute

2004-03-10 troubleshooting: ol1.5m and the favorites menu  tonfang

2004-03-05 Definite guide to avoiding BUZZ Crashes  SKiTZO

2004-03-02 Demo type file...  Inductive

2004-02-27 Bored To Re Assign Your Midi Controller Knobs ??  NeKo.

2004-02-26 Trance Synth #55347  hamsteralliance

2004-02-03 Low Latency with DirectX  Xenobi0z

2004-01-28 Buzz Presets and Templates  noolout

2004-01-01 inde[xp] 01-01-2004  ladproject

2003-12-29 uMw triplets demo and indexes v2  Paul Eye

2003-12-29 uMw goodies  Paul Eye

2003-12-26 Oh my god i can't open my bmx file! - some solutions  noolout

2003-12-10 inde[xp] 10122003 - finally a new release.. ;P  ladproject

2003-09-22 ladproject's templates pack - 22092003  ladproject

2003-09-10 MIDI device offers  colden

2003-08-20 inde[xp] 20082003 - "What's new?(c)", "About.." and a lot of machines added..  ladproject

2003-07-14 Time-snapping for parameter changes  neosoleil

2003-07-03 Buzzing under Linux (revised:)  Zimas

2003-06-23 inde[xp] 23.06.2003 for Cyanphase Overloader 1.50L8 / 1.49E  ladproject

2003-06-20 buzz roks on stage  tonfang

2003-06-06 ayuda para el buzz en espa?ol  killer_j

2003-05-17 Fruity studio inside as a sequencer  soma

2003-05-12 Buzz Stability  neurodancer

2003-04-24 Quantisation of any individual Gen (instrument)  mute

2003-03-07 Mva is a KungFu[Drum] master + inde[xp] 07-03-2003  ladproject

2003-02-03 mva is a droid + inde[xp] update!  ladproject

2003-01-25 some ideas for index.txt  cygho

2003-01-22 inde[XP] 22.01.2003-fixed  ladproject

2003-01-21 ladproject's inde[XP] - 21-01-2003 update!  ladproject

2003-01-19 NEW 909 in development.  oomek

2003-01-11 Synth1 vst  flos

2002-11-17 HUGE Drum n' Bass Drumkit...  jts

2002-11-13 Apo style live experience doc  f-bev

2002-11-12 Unnofficial FAQ for Buzz... need feedback/questions  IntrospectiveJourneys

2002-11-12 Retriggering ANY drum machine  wizenwet

2002-11-09 experimental index.txt  djlaser

2002-11-07 CPU friendly mixing, stereo, etc.  atolonen

2002-09-16 Mixing with unlimited number of auxes etc.  Elektroj?nis

2002-09-12 12/8 time in Buzz  IntrospectiveJourneys

2002-09-11 PSI Drumkit: Akai XR-10  thOke

2002-08-24 latests index  SOMA

2002-08-16 Using Absynth in buzz.  shinobi

2002-08-13 Random things in Buzz  IntrospectiveJourneys

2002-08-12 MTrk virtual channels  neurodancer

2002-08-06 How to get 10,000 hits or more on your page  scottyp

2002-07-25 How I Slaved Logic to Buzz!!!  phome

2002-07-24 MIDI Sequencing With Buzz  Fallout

2002-07-12 Midi hardware controllers  phome

2002-07-05 M2Buzz Machines.ini  thOke

2002-06-28 Devs too often don't want to dev.  montexg

2002-06-26 going live with buzz  colden

2002-06-12 Buzz doesn't suck... your voice does!  IntrospectiveJourneys

2002-06-11 A Music Video MUSIC WITH BUZZ  art atta<<

2002-05-27 Sync a wavefile with Freq In  plush2

2002-05-23 Guitar setups for ASIO  lykwydchykyn

2002-05-22 compressor comparison (mk2 vs jcomp)  rp[fr]

2002-05-22 NI Absynth + Buzz worked!  Vadimcha!

2002-05-19 How connect Buzz to your home stereo  ladproject

2002-05-18 Elektroj?nis Goes Blues :-)  Elektroj?nis

2002-05-10 Buzz 2000 XP fixer... the good stuff...  IntrospectiveJourneys

2002-05-08 Buzz @88200 kHz (and 128kHz... and more)  wikter

2002-05-08 3 Buzz Color Themes  Max Lilt

2002-04-23 Using Jeskola Mixer Aux  djlaser

2002-04-22 Automaton mk II - Sidechain Compressor explained  djlaser

2002-04-09 Joachim's Temperature  neurodancer

2002-04-08 Soundfont tips  tonfarben

2002-04-07 PSI2 Drumkit yahoo group greated  nailz

2002-04-02 How vocoders work pt. 2  Elektroj?nis

2002-04-02 A quick fix for your index  XionD

2002-04-01 How vocoders work (at least some of them)  Elektroj?nis

2002-03-24 tweaking the 'old' vst adapter  tom_level

2002-03-23 Less repetive tasks when recording MIDI  usr

2002-03-22 *** No more random delay in HD Recorder ***  oomek

2002-03-09 New Buzz index.txt  djlaser

2002-03-01 original installs/upgrades  mute

2002-02-23 Index.txt update  djlaser

2002-02-16 Index mixer  ruff

2002-02-01 how to fix old songs that crash new buzz  ensonic

2002-01-30 Sync them if you can  XionD

2002-01-29 Make your own soundfonts for Buzz  tom_level

2002-01-28 Buzz ME 1.26/1.27/1.28 to 1.29 Update RC1  djlaser

2002-01-27 10 tips (long)  ScottyP

2002-01-21 who needs a soundfont loader?  Raelab

2002-01-18 report vst bugs please!  rp[fr]

2002-01-15 commercial buzz'ing  enfusion

2002-01-15 Petition for working VST2 Support  rp[fr]

2002-01-05 First experience with an external Midi keyboard  ladproject

2001-12-10 how to use your keyboard/mouse to record live into buzz  kanda

2001-11-11 Click OK to crash  Dhalsim

2001-11-07 Buzz on XP  Tim

2001-11-05 damn .. bmx won't load anymore? -> try this  tom_level

2001-11-02 Mastering & More... GRRRR  jts

2001-10-14 HOW TRANSFORM BUZZ IN A GAME  ladproject

2001-10-12 M2Buzz  Squish

2001-10-06 Rarely Mentioned Buzz Features.  HamsterAlliance

2001-10-06 overloading buzz - new horizons  wakax

2001-10-04 DC offset, Highpass filters and EQ'ing.  kmkrebs

2001-10-02 Buzz buggy machines: problems solved!  ladproject

2001-09-27 Recording 96kHz wavs with Buzz  Dimage

2001-09-21 machine docs update  infinitylimited

2001-09-19 buzz machine documentation  infinitylimited

2001-09-10 Sampling C.D.'s DVD's Radio exc. made easy  edexter

2001-09-09 More on buzz and production.  pjunk

2001-08-30 Buzz doesn't suck, you do PART 3  Galactic Boy

2001-08-29 Buzz doesn't suck, you do PART 2  Galactic Boy

2001-08-27 Buzz doesn't suck, you do  Galactic Boy

2001-08-18 Review on how to use the Mixer Aux  Mva

2001-08-12 Wave input works....sorta =o]  XionD

2001-08-11 Kick, bass and mastering  MaxB

2001-08-10 Vocoders - 11 suggestions for beginners  abc

2001-08-08 using buzz as a cubase mixer  Soma

2001-08-07 Essential Buzz  Chris Asylum

2001-08-05 VSTi's that DO let you play chords in Buzz  Har

2001-08-04 Odd time signatures in Buzz.  ZERO_UNIT

2001-08-04 More intelligable speech with the Rovox Vocoder  abc

2001-08-04 De-Esser in Buzz  abc

2001-08-03 Another Soundfont Loader Review  Aeonsfx (Timff9)

2001-07-30 What i thought about different loaders  Dimage

2001-07-29 Soundfont loader, does the job!  Johan Brodd

2001-07-25 Chris Asylum's Guide on How to Make Hard House  Chris Asylum

2001-07-14 Ynzn's 3Dizer  neurodancer

2001-06-28 phat sound with buzz  sonicflash

2001-06-17 Apo's live experience with Buzz  Apo

2001-06-13 An easy way to make a shuffle-beat.  elninjoelectricidad

2001-06-04 Arguelles Truepan  neurodancer

2001-05-28 C1 explanation  Thevider

2001-05-24 Buzz - Sample CD = $$ to Oscari  Larsby

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