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Date Author Name Type Version

2009-12-09 JoaCHIP Buzz midi knob assigner MIDI 1
- A tool to easily assign multiple knobs on a midi controller at once. Restart Buzz after using this tool.

2008-11-18 Namdams MC Arp Chord / arpeggio tool 5.0
Version 5.0 of MC Arp. *warning* This is a German language version. No English version is available yet.

2008-11-17 Namdams MC Arp Chord / arpeggio tool 4.0
The successor of ChordWizard: MC Arp for Jeskola Buzz, a composinghelper, which makes the creation of polyphonic arpeggio-sequences and accompaning tracks a piece of cake. Because of the basic idea the handling of the program is imaginable simple. MC Arp consist of a chord-databank and a pattern-based sequencer, in which you can insert chords from your databank and arrange them freely. Pattens, which specify how a chord is played, can be created and assigned individually. Sequences can be then included in Buzz (bmx) files.

2008-11-17 Namdams Buzzhelper Repair / Function editing tool 0.92
Buzzers little helper is a program for external manipulation of bmx and bmw files created with Jeskola Buzz. It also provides a possibility to export songs as midi-files.

2008-10-19 Sparschaeler Swingsheet Swing Calculator 1.0
An easy to use Excelsheet to calculate swing grooves.

2006-08-11 Apo Buzz FixKit Fixer 17-12-2002
If you have problems with running Buzz, run this patch. Read the included .txt file for more instructions! Run this patch too if you have some "load library failed" errors while loading machines.

2005-02-13 LdC LdC Speedloader SpeedLoader 0.9
SpeedLoader is a utility plug-in that can make your BMXs load/save faster by disabling audio during these processes.

2004-08-30 namdans BuzzHelper Repair / Function editing tool 0.9
gathers various bmx-related functions

2004-06-28 Mark Collier Buzz Decomp (BTDSys remix) Wave extractor 1.0
A utility to rip all files from bmx's in the current directory. The waves go in a folder named after the bmx file.

2004-06-17 ASY Buzz.exe Patched (unofficial) Patched EXE 1.0
2 slightly varied versions of the buzz.exe. 1 version allows for 10 songs in the "recent song list" (instead of 4).... the other is the same but also removes the "would you like to save" option when loading a new song.

2004-05-09 BTDSys Custom Seq Steps Seq Steps 1.0
Allows you to edit the values which will be shown in the dropdown list for the step value in the sequence editor, as well as the pattern length dropdown in the New Pattern and Pattern Properties dialogs.

2004-04-12 Rjkole Quickbmx Bmx browser 1.08
A Tool which allows you to browse through bmx and bmw files and give any file a Comment or detailed info. This is very useful if you have loads of bmx files and want quickly to know whats up with the song_101_a_b1.bmx or so. U can use it without Buzz , or within Buzz (rebuzz.ini). U can use drag and drop to throw it in Buzz and play it. The installer with vb runtimes can be downloaded here:

2004-03-30 Morex Morex DM Fixer 1.0
A utility that makes a copy of a bmx/bmw but with all the connections removed from the master. Quite handy for loading broken songs without removing any machines. Extract the files in the zip to '(buzz root)\Tools\MoreX DM'

2004-03-26 NEUE-Engineering bm2bm Japanese language convertor 2.1
Bm2bm converts bmx & bmw files which can not load in Japanese Windows(or another country Windows installs). This is a new bugfixed version.

2004-02-29 XionD (various) Overloader 1.5M - Revised Help Help Manual 1.0
A revised help manual for Overloader 1.5M - Includes users help files + Various tutorials for developers interested in making Overloader Plugins.

2004-02-26 Automaton BuzzPlug XP Pattern drawer 1.0
With this util you can "draw" waveform like patterns which can be dumped back into a buzz pattern.

2004-02-26 Max Lilt Buzz Preset Manager Preset Manager 1.0
This tool can help you to keep your personal machine presets after installing a new Buzz distribution / Pack.

2004-02-26 Cyanphase Overloader Buzz Extender 1.5M
Overloader adds a lot of new features to Buzz. To help support & continue the overloader project, please consider donating a small amount of cash to his paypal account!

2014-02-12 update by cyanphase: last overloader (1.5P4) can be found here.

2004-02-20 Hotkey BUZZpeed Buzz Midi sync 0.5
It gives you that kind of control over Buzz, a DJ has over his turntables: Delay the vinyl; spin it a bit forward; adjust BPM (finer than 1 BPM at once). Check the included readme.txt for details on changes.

2004-02-19 Namdans ChordWizard Chord util 0.7
ChordWizard is a tool for use in relationship with Jeskola Buzz to speed up the finding of chord progressions and create more or less simple arpeggios. What can Chordwizard do simply do? creates bmx files with or without buzz open, has a massive scales and chord library which u can create patterns from, a mini sequencer where u can setup the look of your patterns/notes, clone machines, remove machines, loads bmx files.

2004-02-19 BTDSys Maccount Statistics 1.0
This util counts up some usage statistics for machines in your bmx and bmw files.

2003-12-25 Usr MIDIwrapper (uMw) Midiwrapper 040112 (Date)
The Midiwrapper takes a generator and wraps it in a new Buzzmachine that has some added features such as real MIDI control with note delay. So the resulting generator has some new parameters named with brackets like this: [YetAnotherUselessParameter]. Read the included .txt file for installation instructions!

2003-11-04 TBD and Waka X Buzzscan Song analyzer 1.0
This util analyzes a buzz song and tells you what machines you used / how many times / if machine exists on that computer. Further more, it collects the song with or without all machines used and makes a single zip. Good to send for remixing or other issues.

2003-10-30 Some-E Buzz Indexer Index editor V2
A few fixes and updates to the original Buzz Indexer

2003-09-05 Cyanphase Overloader Buzz extender 1.5L8
Overloader adds a lot of new features to Buzz. You can grab it here! When you like the overloader project, please consider donating a small amount of case to his paypal account!

NOTE: When installing this utilitiy make sure the install path is correct!!!! some people have encountered errors when installing due to 'Buzz' being added to the end of the install directory. i.e - C:\Buzz\Buzz

2003-08-11 Beanie Missing machine manager Machine downloader 1.0
This util scans buzz files for missing machines and downloads them right away from the server to your harddisk.

2003-06-22 Hotkey BUZZpeed Buzz Midi sync 0.01
Buzzpeed is a more manual version of Buzzsync. It gives you that kind of control over Buzz, which a DJ has over his turntables.

2003-05-09 vII m2BUZZ Midi 2 Buzz convertor v3.63
This program converts 4/6/8 channel MOD, XM and MIDI-files to BUZZ-songs(BMX- or BMW-files), allows to merge 2 BUZZ songs into one or to transform a BUZZ song with several options including transposing/cloning of generators and wave tuning/ripping.

2003-04-28 7900 OL 1.5 Effects: 7900s Effects Wave Editor Final
This is a waveeditor for overloader 1.5+. Features: fade-looper: makes smoother loops by overlapping beginning with end by ..%, degrader (bitrate, sampling freq), reverse, normalize, fix DC. To get Overloader 1.50, go to #buzz on EFNet (Irc), and say I am a Jock

2003-02-02 HotKey HtK.trak Tracker 0.5
HtK.trak is a simple 4-track FastTracker-style pattern editor for PalmOS. BMX-Converter included! Patterns can be entered via Palm-Keyboard or Treo-Keyboard just like in FT2!

2002-10-29 Leedragon Mono 2 Stereo Mono 2 stereo patch 2.0
This patcher makes stereo versions of all the mono machines. New version features: new support for old Mono-in/Stereo-out, no more fixed paths for (Stereo) dlls & more! Make sure you read the included .txt for installation instructions!

2002-10-29 P. DooM BUZZync Synchronisation util 1.0 beta
BUZZync is a MIDI program that synchronizes two instances of Buzz.

2002-09-26 Apo Buzz FixKit Fixer 22-09-2002
If you have problems with running Buzz, run this patch. Read the included .txt file for more instructions! Run this patch too if you have some "load library failed" errors while loading machines.

2002-08-15 Ulf Schreiber Param Fix Song fixer 1.0
Fixes broken Buzz songs that use by renaming the "PARA" section in the .bmx file. Use it in a DOS box.

2002-07-13 Apo Fixer Fixer 2-July-2002
If you have problems with running Buzz, run this patch. Read the included .txt file for more instructions! This is a new updated version.

2002-06-22 KoCha, bod643 RegisterX DirectX plugin register manage 1.0
This small utility makes registering DirectX audio plugins very easy. You can add, delete or update DirectX plugins in the register.

2002-05-31 Wikter bJ- MMEout Waveout driver 1.0
Jeskola MME hack. This waveout driver can handle higher and more optimal samplerates. Take care of your CPU if you use it at >96kHz

2002-05-31 Space1 StereoHelp help & preset convertor for (s 1.0
If you use the mono -> stereo convertor of LeeDragon, you might need this util. It makes the presets and help files work for the (stereo) machines.

2002-03-30 Apo ASIO Control Panel ASIO 0.1
Asio control panel launcher

2002-03-25 SXS Buzz 2 XP XP Buzz 1.0
Make Buzz look and feel like a XP application on Windows XP.

2002-03-14 Apo Buzz Fixer Fixer 14-March-2002
If you have problems with running Buzz, run this patch. Read the included .txt file for more instructions!

2002-03-04 Cyanphase Overloader Overloader 1.49E
This one adds new features to Buzz. This new version has a new manual, bug fixes, improved harddisk recorder and more.

2002-03-04 Lee Dragon Mono to Stereo Stereo Patch 1.02
This patcher makes stereo versions of all the mono machines. Lovely!

2001-09-10 Some-E Buzz Indexer Index Editor 2.0 Lite
A simple and efficient tool creating and editing index.txt file. This is an updated version. Check for more info.

2001-09-08 MaxB YaBuzzTools Tools for Buzz 1.0 Beta
This Util has a lot of features that U can use with Buzz. Try it..... and expect a lot of more features in the future.... this is just the beginning!

2001-05-25 CDX Drum Kit Manager III Drumkit manager 1.0
With this util you can make and manage Drumkits for the PSI Drum 2 generator. If the .exe doesn't work, you can get the whole pack including runtimes at:

2001-05-23 DjLaser Themes Pack Themes Pack 1.0
This package is not a Util but a collection of themes you can use for Buzz.

2001-05-23 Cyanphase Cyan Buzz Tools Tools for Buzz 1.0
CyanBuzzTools is basically a set of odd tools for the odd occasion it would be useful. CyanBuzzTools contains a theme editor, a preset packaging wizard. Watch out with the generated prs. It might not work sometimes.

2001-05-23 Static BuzzTheme Themes Creator 0.9.1
With this util you can create nice themes for Buzz.

2001-05-23 Some-E Buzz Indexer Index manager 1.3
With this util you can manage your index.txt file very easily.

2001-05-23 Hampster Buzz Groove Groove calculator 1.0
With this util for Buzz you can calculate the hex code you need to get a kind of groovy Bpm out of Buzz.

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